WHAT is a Mind Map?..a thinking tool

A simple but powerful graphic technique which harnesses the full range of cortical skills in a single, uniquely powerful manner thus reaching into the infinite expanses of your brain.

Who?: Tony Buzan, Inventor of Mind Maps


WHY Mind Mapping works?

WHERE all Mind Mapping can be used in Organizations?


HOW to use Mind Maps? Attend our Workshop by Maneesh Dutt, A Thinkbuzan Licensed Instructor !!

Mind Maps,  the thinking tool, to revolutionize and transform the way you conduct business. Independent of your job/function Mind Maps give that “creative” cutting edge in today’s extremely competitive environment.

Customized Mind Map Workshop

  • Mind Map Session around Problem Areas.
  • Mind Mapping for Managing Projects.
  • Mind Mapping for Specific function/group.
  • Mind Mapping for a Vision Meet.
  • Mind Mapping for setting Annual Objectives.

……any other.