Course Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Agile Overview
    1. Agile Overview
    2. Agile Manifesto
    3. Agile Principles
    4. What has changed?
    5. Agile Methods
  • Scrum Overview
    1. Scrum Principles
    2. Scrum Aspects
    3. Scrum Processes
  • Scrum Roles
    1. Core Roles
    2. Non-core Roles
  • Scrum Phases
    1. Initiate Phase
    2. Plan and Estimate Phase
    3. Implement Phase Review and Retrospect Phase
    4. Release Phase
  • Scaling Scrum
    1. Scalability of Scrum
    2. Scrum in Programs and Portfolios
    3. Scrum of Scrums (SoS) Meeting
    4. Transition to Scrum
    5. Mapping Traditional Roles to Scrum
    6. Maintaining Stakeholder Involvement
    7. Importance of Executive Support

What the course includes

  • 28 High Quality Videos
  • 186 Terms and definitions
  • 16 VMEDU approved RCU’s
  • 16 PMI Approved PDU’s
  • 1 illustrative Case Study
  • 1 Crossword
  • 3 Reference Materials

Additional benefits

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Progress Tracking

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Continuous Improvement

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Collaborate and Learn

Team members can discuss with each other and learn collaboratively.

Certification Exam

The certification exam is a 120 minute online Proctored Examination comprising multiple choice questions and can be taken from your desktop at your convenient time.